High Protein Food To Eat After A Workout

Preparing post-workout meals is enjoyable aspect of keeping a healthy body and lifestyle.

1. Prepare brown rice and skinless, boneless chicken breast with your favorite low-sodium seasonings.

2. Egg scramble: Simple one-skillet dinners that include one whole egg, veggies, and sweet potatoes with your preferred spices and freshly ground black pepper.

3. Leftovers: The food you prepared the night before is screaming your name and is waiting to refresh your body. Are you prepared with cooked quinoa? Toss with salad greens and balsamic vinegar for a well-balanced supper.

4. Peanut butter: The all-American favorite sandwich on sprouted whole-grain bread is a great post-workout snack. Substitute sugared jam for the sugared jam and serve with a dollop of local honey.

5. Smoothie with more punch: Blend your favorite fruit with nonfat Greek yogurt or another dairy product of your choice, a splash of water, and ice.

6. Wraps: Whole grain, high-fiber wraps are an excellent way to begin a fantastic recovery meal.

Additional snacks advised by the American Council on Exercise include the following:

1 piece whole-grain bread. Banana combined with 1 tbsp almond or nut butter. Chocolate milk with reduced-fat. Greek yogurt with no added fat with a half-cup of fruit or a banana. 2 tbsp whey protein and 1/2 banana mixed with water.