How to Get Ripped in 4 Weeks with a Meal Plan – Weight Loss

How to Get Ripped in 4 Weeks with a Meal Plan – Weight Loss

Most humans firmly believe in the age-old saying – Health is Wealth. Everybody is concerned about losing weight, but only a handful are aware of the exact ways to perform it.

Having a six-pack is desired by many, but again very few people know the right approach to achieve it.

Gaining a six-pack or getting ripped is possible within a month but only after maintaining a meticulous diet and rigorous exercise.

Always remember, losing weight is a long-term phenomenon and not something you can achieve overnight.

Exercise Plan for a Ripped Body in 4 Weeks

It all starts with gaining insights about proper exercising – Strength Training and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). The best way to build muscle and boost that metabolism is by lifting weights.

You don’t have to engage in constant strength training continuously but at least thrice a week for the upcoming 4 weeks.

Additionally, HIIT is another good way to achieve that ripped body.

Strength Training

All you need to do is perform 3*8 strength training. This means doing the exercises 8 times or more, thrice a week. Always remember to push yourself harder to perform more than 8 times.

There is a specific training regime that you need to follow – combining compound exercises targeting overall muscle groups and not specific areas is what is needed.

Some compound exercises examples are:

  • Deadlifts
  • Bicep curls
  • Tricep extensions
  • Squats
  • Push-ups

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT is often considered the fastest way to tone your body. Why? Well, HIIT training tends to be short bursts of exercises filled with immense energy and gives an adrenaline rush.

It continues for a few minutes followed by little breaks.

For shredding your body, this is the best form of exercise as the result is pretty instantaneous.

In fact, researchers have found out that HIIT is beneficial in terms of losing weight even after finishing a workout.

Pursue HIIT thrice a week for 20 minutes followed by rest times of 30 seconds to 1 minute in between.

A big plus for people having a treadmill or rowing machine in their home, HIIT can be performed best in these two pieces of equipment.

Though you should always blend diverse exercises for targeting compound muscle groups.

Ultimate Dietary Changes for Getting a Ripped Body in 4 Weeks

For getting a ripped body, instead of losing fat, you need to build muscles – only cutting calories won’t do the work.

But knowing to which extent you should cut down the calories, or the content of the macro in your food is of utmost significance.

Everything you Need to Know About Cutting

As already mentioned, the very basics of cutting are the reduction of fat and the addition of muscles.

Cutting is majorly backed by kitchen activities or dietary changes. It is only through the proper combination of macronutrient manipulation that you can achieve the chiseled body you have been dreaming of for months now.

Protein and carbs are equally important. Though the former is a complete necessity throughout these 4 weeks, the latter is essential when you are actively exercising – to balance it out.

Carbs hold significance during the times you are working out hard, as it pushes the body to train hard. Additionally, you will still retain the fuel stored in the muscles for recovery.

Not Compromising on the Protein Intake

According to research, a sedentary man or woman needs to consume around 56 to 46 grams of protein each day respectively.

This is calculated based on the consumption of 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, or 0.36 grams per pound.

Now, for accomplishing a ripped body in 4 weeks, it is necessary to outpace this amount of protein and take it to 1 to 1.5 grams per body weight.

Proteins that constitute 25% to 30% of food content result in elevated appetite control and eliminated cravings.

In case you’re unable to consume this amount of protein, you can always opt for supplements – both plant and dairy-based.

Alleviate Healthy Fat Consumption

There is hardly any person on earth who doesn’t like delicious oil-dripped food containing all those excess amounts of trans and saturated fats. But, when dreaming of those appealing abs, cutting down on those fats is a prerequisite.

You’ve to holistically stick to good fats that are present in avocados, fatty fishes like salmon, tuna, sardines, etc, olive oil, whole eggs, cheese (surprising eh?), nuts, and so more.

Numerous types of research have shown that a person who is regularly consuming a higher percentage of fat and a lower percentage of carbs for 6 months in their daily food content has resulted as a healthier person.

This directly affects the contraction of abdominal fat.

Ever Heard of Carb Cycling?

Carb cycling is a symbolic element one needs to implement in their 4 week ripped body plan. Carb cycling, in plain terms, means following a higher to a lower scale of carb content for a week.

The goal behind considering this plan is to resist the insulin level hike and direct muscle growth.

The approach of carb cycling includes hardcore exercising during the days of high-carb consumption. This way you can store an excess amount of energy without boosting your overall calorie intake.

The Ultimate 4 Weeks Meal Plan for that Ripped Body

We have now reached the capstone phase where we will actually talk about what exactly you should eat. Following this 4-week meal plan will not only help lead to having a ripped body, but also a healthier one.

The diet comprises a 1500 calorie count, of which protein and carb content is of higher levels to accommodate your muscle-building process. The fat content in this diet is pretty low, amounting to 10-15%.


Day One

Breakfast: Make a quick smoothie with these go-to ingredients like 1 medium-sized banana, 1 teaspoon of peanut butter, and 1 cup of almond milk. 1 scoop of whey protein, and half a cup of strawberries.

This results in 47.1g carbs, 30.6g protein, 12g fat, and 403.6 calories.


  • Take half-cup the oatmeal with water
  • Talk half-cup strawberries that are themselves tasty
  • Cook 6 egg whites combined with 1 yolk

Lunch: 1 cup green vegetables and 8 oz chicken breast


1 serving of lemon avocado salad

Snack: Protein shake with 40g of whey protein


1 serving of Greek yogurt and 1 cup of strawberries

Dinner: Chicken salad cooked with 8 oz chicken breast, 2 tablespoons pinches of Italian dressing, half medium-sized tomatoes, 2 leaves lettuce, and half cup broccoli

Day Two

Breakfast: It’s time for a smoothie, and for this, you need 2 servings of peach, coconut, and grapes, and that’s all.


1 medium-sized bagel spread with 2 tsp low-fat peanut butter. 6 egg whites with 1 yolk.

Lunch: For lunch, have 1 cup of cooked brown rice along with 1 cup of veggies, and 6 oz chicken breast.

Snack: Protein shake or turkey sandwich

Dinner: 2 servings of stir-fried kale and bacon


Grilled fish with veggies

Day Three

Breakfast: Tired of smoothies? Let’s have some oats with water for a change. Add the similar 6 egg whites with 1 yolk, and try a piece of fruit today.


If you are a fan of smoothies then make a simple one with 2 servings of spinach, kale, and pear smoothie

Lunch: Today you can have 1 cup of veggies, 6 oz. lean steak, and a large baked potato.


2 servings of mint yogurt

Snack: Let’s try something new by having one bowl of cornflakes


A low-carb protein bar

Dinner: Today you can have a fancy dinner. Make an omelet with 8 egg whites and 1 yolk, and have half a cup of broccoli, two mushrooms, and fresh salsa sauce.

Day Four

Breakfast: Have a wholesome breakfast by having 1 cup of whole-grain cereal, 1 cup of milk, 1 piece of fruit, and 1 tsp of peanut butter.


If you are running late, simply have two bowls of cornflakes

Lunch: Today you can drink down some peach protein smoothie.


1 large baked potato with skin, one cup of cooked veggies, and 6 oz. chicken breast

Snack: 1 serving of tuna salad along with 2 servings of cucumber servings.


Protein shake, the easy and simple evening snack

Dinner: Again a tasty dinner is awaiting, have some chicken kebabs along with parmesan crisps.


Canned tuna along with 1 tsp fat-free mayo. Also, consume 6 to 8 stalks of asparagus.

Day Five

Breakfast: Let’s get back to half-cup oatmeal with water, then 7 egg whites with 1 yolk, and half-cup strawberries


One tropical smoothie

Lunch: 1 cup of cooked veggies and chicken breast


Turkey lettuce roll-ups along with 2 servings of non-fat Greek yogurt and 2 cups of strawberries

Snack: 1 ounce of almonds


Protein Shake

Dinner: Relish some grilled chicken teriyaki and some pan-fried broccoli. Now this is some tasty dinner on a Friday night, right?


You can also have lean steak and asparagus

Breakfast: Let’s get back to half-cup oatmeal with water, then 7 egg whites with 1 yolk, and half-cup strawberries


One tropical smoothie

Lunch: 1 cup of cooked veggies and chicken breast


Turkey lettuce roll-ups along with 2 servings of non-fat Greek yogurt and 2 cups of strawberries

Snack: 1 ounce of almonds


Protein Shake

Dinner: Relish some grilled chicken teriyaki and some pan-fried broccoli. Now this is some tasty dinner on a Friday night, right?


You can also have lean steak and asparagus

Day Six

Breakfast: Today’s oatmeal will no longer be the regular one. Have your oatmeal with strawberries.


Opt for oatmeal porridge.

Lunch: indulge in some chicken celery sticks


Chicken and beans salad

Snack: 1 bowl of cornflakes


Plain smoothie with fruits and vegetables

Dinner: Again a delectable dinner – have some spicy yogurt chicken wrap,


Grilled fish with veggies

Day Seven

Breakfast: Have some delicious and filling berry yogurt smoothie


Protein shake

Lunch: If you are running late for a meeting, simply grab a quick salsa tuna wrap and enjoy on the go


Turkey with veggies

Snack: A granola bar

Dinner: Have two servings of chicken, spinach, and strawberry salad

Sample Grocery Shopping List for Getting a Ripped Body

The best step before indulging in a diet plan is to pick the right ingredients for consumption. Remember, it is always better to pre-plan than land with glitches while meal consumption.

Therefore, we have curated some of the necessary ingredients you will require during this 4-week course.


  • Oats
  • Quinoa
  • Basmati rice
  • Brown rice
  • Sweet potato
  • Chickpeas
  • Pumpkin puree (not pumpkin filling)
  • Black beans


  • Large eggs
  • Liquid egg whites
  • Greek yogurt
  • Cottage cheese
  • Whole chicken
  • Turkey
  • Shrimp
  • Fatty fishes
  • Cans of tuna
  • Skinless chicken breasts

Fruits and Veggies

  • Oranges
  • White onions
  • Broccoli
  • Fresh baby spinach
  • Chopped kale
  • Cauliflower
  • Cabbage
  • Squash
  • Watermelon
  • Avocados
  • Apple
  • Zucchini
  • Yellow squash


  • Coconut Oil
  • Olive oil
  • Whey protein powder
  • Powdered stevia
  • Unfavoured almond milk
  • Almond flour
  • Powdered peanut butter
  • Low-sodium chicken broth
  • Natural almond butter
  • Unsweetened cocoa powder
  • Minced garlic

Effective Sleep Cycle and Control Stress

Now, no matter how necessary accomplishing this ripped body is for you, never stress about it. Overthinking or freaking out will not give you faster results, it will only deprive you of calmness.

In fact, stress can crimp your muscle gain. Stressing consequences in the release of the hormone called ‘cortisol’ further elevates the belly fat portion.

In case you feel stressed out, opt for meditation which is a trusted approach to calming your mind and simultaneously increasing energy. Sleep comes into play when it comes to achieving a ripped body.

How? Sleeping properly results in a reduction of cortisol levels, which in turn results in shortened fat count in the body. Sleep for 7 to 9 hours of peaceful sleep.

What to Expect in the Cutting Stage?

After a demonstrated 4-week plan to get a ripped body, it is time to know the aftermath of it. Firstly, you need to get it into your mind that you need to continue cutting for a month or two.

If you exceed this tenure, chronic issues like yo-yo dieting, depleted metabolic rate, and also muscle loss can happen. Though it also has an advantageous side, a reduced calorie intake directed towards instant physique building.

Major Glitches in the Cutting Phase

Two inevitable glitches that will affect your body as well as your mind are – increased hunger and decreased metabolism.

Now, these two concerns are regulated by the consumption of more lean protein and veggies, since these are harder for the body to convert into fat, and also protein has a gratifying effect on the body.

Lastly, never stick only to lean, and also don’t starve yourself in the name of diet. No proper diet plan will ask you to starve, if it asks, it’s a clear red flag.

How to Stay on Track?

The first and foremost thing to follow to stay on track is to make a habit. You need to be exceedingly punctual and attentive to what you are eating and follow it to make it. It takes around a week or two to get used to the diet plan.

It becomes pretty difficult when you find Subways, Dominos, and KFCs at almost every corner of your neighborhood. Now, achieving that ripped body within such a short time of a month will only be possible if you cook your meals and take them away with you.

The best way to eliminate the quench to consume something junk like coke or Doritos during your break time, or right after finishing dinner, is to set a day for a cheat meal.

Heard it right, setting a day aside for cheat meals will allow your brain to function in a healthy manner. If you are feeling low or craving some junk, you can always direct it toward the cheat meal day.

Take loads of selfies – front, side, back. Do it for the reason you want to get that physique. Most people succeed because they always display what they are aiming for, right in front of their eyes.

Take the photos, stick them in the mirror, and constantly see them on an everyday basis. And simply imagine how wonderful you’re going to look right after a few weeks.

Next is controlling your cravings. Protein bars and protein shakes are good ways to control those cravings. You can break down a protein bar and mix it with enough ice cubes in the blender for getting a milkshake-like feeling.

When visiting the restaurant, ask the chef to grill your meat without using oil or grease, ask them to not put butter in the steamed veggies, and have the salad without cheese, and with fat-free dressing.

Restaurants are mostly accommodating, therefore, you can ask them to do the needful and follow the diet.


weight loss plan comprises 60% of the diet and 40% of exercise. Intense exercise is immensely beneficial in building that muscle and simultaneously results in the long-run build-up.

This 4-week plan will require you to go that extra mile apart from indulging in a calorie deficit diet plan and continuous exercising.

Always remember, it is only you who can brainstorm to achieve that ripped body. Patience is of utmost importance here.


1. What are the major steps to get a ripped body in 4 weeks?

Step 1: Sort out an exercise plan that includes strength and HIIT training. Pursue HIIT and strength thrice a week respectively.
Step 2: Intake more protein and fewer carbs
Step 3: Jot down a diet plan breaking down the meals five times – breakfast, mid-day snack, lunch, evening snacks, and dinner.

2. Is it possible to gain muscle within 4 weeks?

Researchers state actual muscle gain can occur within three to four weeks of working out twice a week.

3. Should you bulk or cut first?

For a beginner, bulking initially would be more beneficial, though you should have a healthy body weight for that.

4. Can I consume rice while cutting?

Yes, rice can be a part of the diet but in limited quantities, since it is a carb.

5. What foods to avoid if you wish to get shredded?

Processed foods and lunch meats should be completely avoided. Stick to grilled fish and chicken. Consume veggies and yams for carbs.

6. What is the best way to get abs?

Focusing on a cardio exercise set and healthy eating. Russian twist and leg lower are a few exercises to perform.

7. How many pushups can I do in a day?

On average a person does 50 to 100 push-ups. Though there are many who can actually perform more than 300 pushups a day!

8. Is a 5-day split well for mass?

A 5-day split is considered the most beneficial strength training exercise. Remember to give your best some time to heal before you hit the gym again.

9. Can I get ripped in 5 weeks?

5 weeks is quite a lot of time to get ripped, lose fat, and gain muscle.

10. What is the fat percentage when I can see my abs?

For women, at a percentage range of 14 to 20, one can see their abs, for men it is 13%.

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