7-day Diet Plan for Weight Loss

7-day Diet Plan for Weight Loss

According to estimations, it is known that more than half of the Indian population of adults attempt to lose weight every year. That is a staggering number of people wanting to lose weight, and there is no dearth of different weight loss planners on the internet.

However, what is most important is to find the best weight loss plan at home or to follow the best weight loss plant-based diet in order to lose weight fast.

If you are looking for the best weight loss plan for beginners, then read on as in this blog – we are going to talk about some of the best weight loss diet plans.

We are providing you with a bunch of options and you can choose whatever works best for you and ones that might be feasible according to your schedule and health choices.

Although the increasing number of available weight loss planners might make it difficult to get started, here are some of the best ones which have proven to have worked before.

Here are the top 4 best weight loss diet plans to help you shed weight and also improve your overall health:

#1 – Plant-based diets

When talking about the best weight loss plan for men or women – plant-based diets are one of the top ones on the list.

Vegetarianism or veganism are the two most popular versions of plant-based diets which restrict animal products for health, environmental, and also ethical reasons.

However, you don’t have to become a total vegetarian or vegan in order to follow a plant-based diet.

You can make some alterations to the vegan diet and draw your own flexitarian diet which is a plant-based diet mainly but which allows eating animal products in mild moderation.

To follow a plant-based diet – you should start by eliminating meat, fish, and poultry.

Some vegetarians also avoid boiled eggs and meat altogether but that is an option for you.

If you are looking for the best weight loss plan for beginners, then this is a great place to start as it does not involve heavy exercises and is purely based on making some simple changes to your eating habits.

The vegan diet takes a step further by putting a full stop to all animal products including dairy, honey, albumin, and all other dairy products.

Plant-based diets aid weight loss as they are rich in fiber and can help you to stay fuller for a longer period of time.

Additionally, since plant-based diets are extremely low in high-calorie fat they will help you lose weight fast.

Thus, a plant-based diet makes for an ideal weight loss plan at home where you don’t have to compromise on a lot of things or do not have to dedicate a huge amount of time to exercise every day at home.

#2 – Intermittent Fasting

Next up on the list for weight loss plans that work is intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is basically a dietary strategy that cycles between periods of eating and fasting.

One of the most famous intermittent fasting types is the easy 16/8 method which basically involves limiting your calorie intake per day to 8 hours per day and the 5/2 method which receives your daily calorie intake to 550 to 600 calories twice per week.

The point of intermittent fasting is to restrict the time you are allowed to eat which is one of the most simple ways to reduce your calorie intake in everyday life.


This leads to immediate weight loss and is one of the most ideal weight loss plans for beginners. This method works best with some of the best online weight loss applications which might help you keep a track of each and every calorie that you’re consuming so that you are well on track for your weight loss.

Additional intermittent fasting is also linked to anti-aging effects and it also is known to increase insulin sensitivity.

Thus, intermittent fasting is one of the most healthy and safest ways to lose weight fast at home without compromising your health.

#3 – The Paleo Diet

The paleo diet is one of the modern weight loss plans that work which advocates eating the foods which our hunter-gatherers allegedly ate.

The paleo diet is basically constructed on a theory that most modern diseases are linked to the Western diet and it is determined from the belief that the human body has not evolved to process dairy, grains, or legumes.

So what does the paleo diet suggest and how to follow a paleo diet in order to lose weight fast? The paleo diet essentially advocates eating fresh fruits and vegetables, whole foods, nuts, and seeds.

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It emphasizes restricting the consumption of processed foods, sugar, and dairy products although some less strict versions of the paleo diet allow the consumption of some basic dairy products like cheese and butter, but not heavily processed dairy products.

Originally, the paleo diet is also known to reduce the risk of heart disease and is allegedly known to keep blood pressure in check.

The paleo diet is also known as one of the best weight loss plans for teens as it involves eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables which provide all the essential nutrients for teenagers in their growing ages.

#4 – The Low-Fat Diets and Low-Carbs Diet

Next up on the list is low-fat diets which involve restricting your daily fat intake to 30% of your daily calories.

This diet involves using some simple applications which help you track the exact number of calorie intake you do every day and keeps a specific track of some very ultra-low-fat diet to limit fat consumption to under 10% of calories.

Ultra-low-fat diets are majorly plant-based and they suggest limiting meat and animal products altogether in order to lose weight fast.

A low-fat diet generally includes lots of green vegetables, fresh fruits, and green smoothies which are made by just using vegetables and water without using Milk or sugar.


This diet also suggests snacking up on healthy snack alternatives like popcorn or healthy green smoothies instead of sipping on carbonated drinks like Coke or Sprite.

Additionally, low-fat diets are also known to reduce the risk of heart disease and heart stroke as they reduce inflammation.

Most of the weight loss applications that track the everyday calorie intake comes with weight loss plan calculators which will show you where you could cut down your fat intake further and will help you become better every day, getting you closer to your weight loss dream.

Similarly, low-carb diets restrict your carbohydrate intake and thus favor protein and healthy fat.

Low-carb diets are usually suitable for people who want to consume higher protein diets with low fat and low carb intake.

While protein and healthy fat are necessary to curb your appetite, raise your metabolism, and help you in the general functioning of your body, a low-carb diet like keto will let your body use fatty acids instead of carbs for energy by converting them into ketones, thus the name keto-diet.

The keto diet is one of the most famous types of low-carb diets which is the most suitable weight loss plan for beginners as it does not involve heavy exercising and boils it down to your food intake.

Making a strict diet routine and sticking to it will definitely help you reach your weight loss goal.

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